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Project Citizens Forum - Governance in Hong Kong: Are the Pillars Crumbling?

The Project Citizens Forum "Governance in Hong Kong: Are the Pillars Crumbling?" have been successfully held on 26 November 2016. Project Citizens Foundation have invited the past governor Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, together with Ms. Audrey Eu, Mr. Simon Murray and Prof. Peter Mathieson to discuss and share their views on governance in Hong Kong today. The events attracts around 600 audience and plenty of media for live recording and news report. 

Directors in Dialogue – Polling and Elections in the United States and Hong Kong

Organized by the Public Opinion Programme of the University of Hong Kong and co-organized by Project Citizens Foundation, the seminar "Directors in Dialogue – Polling and Elections in the United States and Hong Kong" and the workshop on Polling and Elections have been successfully held on consecutively two days on 11 and 12 October 2016. Prof. John Della Volpe from the Institute of Politics from Harvard University vividly described the political attitude of the millennial generation and the Trump phenomenon currently in the United States. On the other hand, Dr. Robert Chung brought out the unattended interactive relationship between polls and political choice in reality that significantly affected the result of the recent LegCo election in Hong Kong. Out of the interesting topics, the way how Prof. John Della Volpe convey opinion polls using social media tools was particularly intriguing and it could potentially change the entire electoral campaigning strategy in future.


Public Forum: Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?

The Public Forum co-organized by Project Citizens Foundation and Hong Kong 2020, "Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?" has been successfully held on 13 August 2016, with around 300 attendees!

In the forum, the speakers, including Mrs. Anson Chan, Mr. Bertrand de Speville, Mr. Joseph Wong and Dr. Margaret Ng, have shared their views on the appointment scandal of ICAC and the potential amendment of the ICAC ordinance. Mr. Dennis Kwok has subsequently drafted a private member's bill after listening to the views expressed in the forum.

Project Citizens Workshop: Electoral Data Analysis

"Project Citizens Workshop - Electoral Data Analysis" has been successfully held on 6 August 2016 (Sat). We would like to thank Mr. Angus Chiu and Mr. Edward Tai for their generous teaching and sharing on how to manage the electoral data. We thereby encourage the civil society to step up analysising the data in details so that more people can grasp the full picture of the LegCo election in the coming September!

Project Citizens Seminar: Electoral Campaigns - What lessons can we learn?

The Project Citizens Seminar "Electoral Campaigns: What Lessons Can We Learn?" has been successfully held on 9 July 2016. We have proudly invited Prof. Simon Shen, Dr. Robert Chung and Prof. Chan Kin-man to share with us different perspective of the electoral campaigns. Prof. Shen has in the seminar looked into the implication to HK from the U.S. presidential election and the Brexit referendum. Dr. Chung proposed the idea of sharing all the electoral data for the civil society to step up and help shape informed decision. Prof. Chan has reiterated the relationship between new political power and the incumbent democratic power from global perspective. The seminar was a huge success with full house of over 120 participants!

Civic Empowerment Series (II): Experience sharing - Registration, Fundraising and Event Planning (15/06/2016)

The second workshop of the Civic Empowerment Series "Experience Sharing - Registration, Fundraising and Event Planning" was successfully held on 15.06.2016.
We proudly invited Ms. Linda Wong, Mr. Jeffrey Tam and Mr. Johnson Yeung to answer the questions regarding the registration of the civil groups, funding matters and the street event management.
The two-hour discussion led by the three speakers revealed the current situation of and the biggest challenge facing the civil society, and also the implication from the recent court cases.
With strong practical knowledge and experience in handling all aspects of civil group activities, the speakers shared a lot of useful tips with the participants. We believe that it will help foster the development of the civil society!

Project Citizens Forum: What Makes Hong Kong An International Financial Centre?

The Project Citizens Forum "What Makes Hong Kong An International Financial Centre?" has been successfully held on 15.04.2016, with more than 350 participants attending the promising and insightful occasion.

Our special gratitude goes to all the speakers and moderator, including Mr. John Tsang, GBM, JP, Mr. Stuart Gulliver, Mr. Anthony Neoh, SC, JP, Mr. Mark Tucker and Dato' Cheah Cheng Hye!

Civic Empowerment Series (I): Let's make it happen!

We have successfully held "Civic Empowerment Series (I): Let's make it happen!" on 10/03/2016!
In the workshop, Mr. TL Tsim, our Foundation Chairman, and Mr. Kevin Yam have shared with the audience their experience serving the civil society.
In the future, there will be workshops with various themes and focus, and we will invite specialists to answer your questions! Stay in tune!

Project Citizens Forum on Academic Freedom and University Autonomy

With the title "Academic Freedom and University Autonomy", Project Citizens Foundation has organized a forum on 23 Jan 2016, and invited Prof. Johannes Chan, Prof. Timothy O'Leary, Prof. Joseph Lian, and Mr. William Waung to share his opinions and perspectives towards the current threats to academic freedom in Hong Kong.

Project Citizens Seminar: 2015 District Council Election

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