Upcoming Events

Project Citizens Forum: The Voice of Hong Kong

Project Citizens Forum "The Voice of Hong Kong" was successfully held on 18 May 2019. Project Citizens Foundation, toegther with The Hong Kong Institute of Humanities and Social Science Centre, jointly invited Professor Ching May Bo, Professor of History at City University of Hong Kong,  Mr Calvin Poon Yuen Leung, a famous lyricist, and Mr Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, a well-known pop singer, to share their insights on the uniqueness of Cantonese culture. From the history of Cantonese culture, the development of the language to how Hong Kong's culture identity is being marginaised, the veteran speakers exchanged their views at the panel discussion. It was encouraging to see a lot of students and fans came all the way from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to support this event.

Project Citizens Forum: The Rule of Law and Its Importance to Hong Kong

Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held Project Citizens Forum “The Rule of Law and Its Importance to Hong Kong“ on 8 December 2018. We have The Right Honourable the Lord Mance, former Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, The Honourable Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary, GBM, JP, Non-Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong and Ms Gladys Li, SC, JP, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association. They have discussed with us the current status of the rule of law in Hong Kong and the safeguards Hong Kong people must put in place in order to maintain our way of life. The Forum attracted over 250 people attending, leaving almost no empty seats. The Forum also has various media coverage, leading the public to consider the current situation of the Rule of Law in Hong Kong and how to protect it.

Project Citizens Forum: Can Our Values Survive New Challenges?

We have successfully held Project Citizens Forum “Can Our Values Survive New Challenges?“ on 15 September 2018. We have invited Dr Margaret Ng, Former member of the Legislative Council, Mr Nathan Law, Former member of the Legislative Council, Standing Committee member of Demosisto, Mr Jason Lee, Barrister. They have shared their personal experience in politics and legal field. The speakers have addressed the sense of powerlessness and possible ways to combat this feeling. So that Hong Kong will strive to protect our core values more vigorously. The Forum attracted more than 150 people to exchange ideas on Hong Kong future.

“Public Perception Survey on Hong Kong’s Characteristics” Press Conference

The results of this survey show that the “history and culture” of our city was chosen by the respondents as the most valuable characteristics of Hong Kong. At the same time, “judicial independence”, “international financial centre”, “social justice” and “a government with public support” are also mentioned as features of high importance. In-depth analyses show that young people are less satisfied about the current condition of “fairness”, “equality”, “the rule of law” and “corruption-free practices” in Hong Kong.

Full Report Download: https://goo.gl/8yTLgu

Project Citizens Forum: What Makes Hong Kong Special?

We have successfully held Project Citizens Forum “What makes Hong Kong Special?“ on 9 Jun 2018. We have invited Mr John Tsang Chun-wah, GBM, JP, Former Financial Secretary, Prof Helen F. Siu, Professor of Anthropology, Yale University, Mr Leung Man-tao, Writer and Commentator and Ms Denise Ho Wan-see, Cantopop Singer. From their unique personal experience, they have shared with us their most treasured Hong Kong characteristics and values. Hong Kong people should continue to persist and safeguard Hong Kong core values and characteristics. The Forum attracts more than 300 people to exchange ideas on Hong Kong's characteristics.

Project Citizens Forum: Hong Kong's Primary and Secondary Education: Are We on the Right Track?

Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held the forum “Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Education: Are We on the Right Track?“ on 2 Dec 2017. We have invited The Honourable Ip Kin-yuen, Member of the Legislative Council (Education Constituency); Professor Cheng Kai-ming, Former Vice-President of the University of Hong Kong, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Education, HK; Ms Lee Suet-ying, Chairman of Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools; Ms Chan Sik-chee Eva, Senior Lecturer at the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK, and Mr Liu Sze-ming, Liberal Studies Teacher of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Former President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education Students' Union. They shared with us the problems that the Hong Kong’s education system is facing and the future development for educating the next generation.

Project Citizens Forum - Hong Kong 2047: Quo Vadis?

Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held the forum "Hong Kong 2047 - Quo Vadis?" on 17 June 2017. We have invited Mr. Jasper Tsang, GBM, GBS, JP, former President of the Legislative Council; Mr. Martin Lee, QC, SC, a former member of the HKSAR Basic Law Drafting Committee; Dr. Margaret Ng, former Member of the Legislative Council; Mr. Nathan Law, Member of the Legislative Council, and Mr. Ng Ka-leung, the mastermind and one of the directors of the award-winning movie "Ten Years". They shared with us their views and imagination for the remaining 30 years of the "One Country, Two Systems" and to begin the discussion on Hong Kong's future, for the second time in her history.

Project Citizens Forum - Leadership ABC

Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held the forum "Leadership ABC" on 25 Feb 2017. We have invited Mr. James Tien, the Honorary Chairman of the Liberal Party Hong Kong, Mr. Paul Shieh, SC, the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association and Mr. Ronnie Cheng, the Headmaster of Diocesan Boys' School to share with us from their point of view and backgrounds what the leader in the future takes to be successful. Mr. James Tien believed that the future CE has to reduce polarization in Hong Kong; Mr. Paul Shieh thought that as a leader, one should never be vindictive; Mr. Ronnie Cheng regarded it necessary for the next generation leader to be able to embrace apparently contradictary views to carry Hong Kong forward. The forum attracts around 300 audience from a wide spectrum of classes and backgrounds.

Project Citizens Forum - Governance in Hong Kong: Are the Pillars Crumbling?

The Project Citizens Forum "Governance in Hong Kong: Are the Pillars Crumbling?" have been successfully held on 26 November 2016. Project Citizens Foundation have invited the past governor Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, together with Ms. Audrey Eu, Mr. Simon Murray and Prof. Peter Mathieson to discuss and share their views on governance in Hong Kong today. The events attracts around 600 audience and plenty of media for live recording and news report. 

Directors in Dialogue – Polling and Elections in the United States and Hong Kong

Organized by the Public Opinion Programme of the University of Hong Kong and co-organized by Project Citizens Foundation, the seminar "Directors in Dialogue – Polling and Elections in the United States and Hong Kong" and the workshop on Polling and Elections have been successfully held on consecutively two days on 11 and 12 October 2016. Prof. John Della Volpe from the Institute of Politics from Harvard University vividly described the political attitude of the millennial generation and the Trump phenomenon currently in the United States. On the other hand, Dr. Robert Chung brought out the unattended interactive relationship between polls and political choice in reality that significantly affected the result of the recent LegCo election in Hong Kong. Out of the interesting topics, the way how Prof. John Della Volpe convey opinion polls using social media tools was particularly intriguing and it could potentially change the entire electoral campaigning strategy in future.