Public Forum: Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?


The Public Forum co-organized by Project Citizens Foundation and Hong Kong 2020, "Assault on the ICAC and the Rule of Law?" has been successfully held on 13 August 2016, with around 300 attendees!

In the forum, the speakers, including Mrs. Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary of Administration and the Convenor of Hong Kong 2020, Mr. Bertrand de Speville, Former Commissioner of the ICAC, Mr. Joseph Wong, Former Secretary for the Civil Service, and Dr. Margaret Ng, Former Legislative Council Member and Member of the Operations Review Committee of the ICAC, have shared their views on the appointment scandal of ICAC and the potential amendment of the ICAC ordinance. Mr. Dennis Kwok has subsequently drafted a private member's bill after listening to the views expressed in the forum.

Speakers' speeches
Mr TL Tsim - "Opening Remarks" :
Mrs Anson Chan - "ICAC - We must keep our advantage":
Mr Bertrand de Speville - "The Evolving ICAC":​
Mr Joseph Wong - "The two pillars of Hong Kong's good governance - ICAC and the Civil Service": (Chinese version only)
Dr Margaret Ng - "ICAC - independence, abuse and vulnerability":
Video Highlights:


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