Project Citizens Forum - Leadership ABC


Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held the forum "Leadership ABC" on 25 Feb 2017. We have invited Mr. James Tien, the Honorary Chairman of the Liberal Party Hong Kong, Mr. Paul Shieh, SC, the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association and Mr. Ronnie Cheng, the Headmaster of Diocesan Boys' School to share with us from their point of view and backgrounds what the leader in the future takes to be successful. Mr. James Tien believed that the future CE has to reduce polarization in Hong Kong; Mr. Paul Shieh thought that as a leader, one should never be vindictive; Mr. Ronnie Cheng regarded it necessary for the next generation leader to be able to embrace apparently contradictary views to carry Hong Kong forward. The forum attracts around 300 audience from a wide spectrum of classes and backgrounds.


Speakers' speeches
Speech by Ms Senia Ng: (Chin version only)

Speech by Mr James Tien:​ (Chin version only)

Speech by Mr. Ronnie Cheng:​ (Chin version only)

Speech by Mr. Paul Shieh:​ (Chin version only)


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