Project Citizens Forum - Hong Kong 2047: Quo Vadis?


Over the course of merely 20 years since the handover of sovereignty in 1997, the practice of "One country, Two systems" in Hong Kong has already fallen short of many people’s original expectation. Now, with another 30 years to go, 2047 (when the 50 years of unchanged way of life promised under the Basic Law will expire) may not be as remote as it seems. Seeing that the scopes for freedoms and pursuit for democracy are being restricted day by day, younger generations in Hong Kong are increasingly concerned and worried about their future.


The subject of Hong Kong's future beyond 2047 is indeed a broad and complicated one. Issues such as political and economic development, governance and administration, population planning and operational matters in the financial markets all call for careful deliberations and elaborate consultations which should be commenced as early as practicable. Meanwhile, the transitional arrangements in the run up to 2047 are also of vital importance to everyone, especially the younger generations, as they are the future. It is hoped that with the lessons learnt from the Sino-British negotiations in 1997, Hong Kong people would have a role to play in this round of negotiations on the future of Hong Kong, so that a more satisfactory solution may be reached.



Project Citizens Foundation has successfully held the forum "Hong Kong 2047 - Quo Vadis?" on 17 June 2017. We have invited Mr. Jasper Tsang, GBM, GBS, JP, former President of the Legislative Council; Mr. Martin Lee, QC, SC, a former member of the HKSAR Basic Law Drafting Committee; Dr. Margaret Ng, former Member of the Legislative Council; Mr. Nathan Law, Member of the Legislative Council, and Mr. Ng Ka-leung, the mastermind and one of the directors of the award-winning movie "Ten Years". They shared with us their views and imagination for the remaining 30 years of the "One Country, Two Systems" and to begin the discussion on Hong Kong's future, for the second time in her history. 

Speakers' speeches
Mrs Anson Chan - "Introductory Remarks" :
Mr Nathan Law - "The Dilemma of a generation" (Chinese only)「一代人的困局」


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