A Life Worth Living: Help Shape Hong Kong's Future Project Citizens Foundation Launching Press Conference & Project Citizens Forum

(Press Release - 11 July 2015) Project Citizens Foundation (“the Foundation”), a civil society organisation devoted to promoting active citizenship and public participation especially among young people, launched its first event today. More than 300 people attended the launch event - Project Citizens Forum in which nine veteran journalists shared their views on civic participation and freedom of the press.

At today’s press conference on the launch, Mr. T L Tsim, Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong, Vice-Chairman, and five other founding directors, Mrs. Anson Chan, Dr. Edmund Woo, Mrs.Pauline Cheung Cheng, Ms. Carol Chen and Mr. Tony Tsoi introduced the aims, visions, and future plans of the Foundation.

Mr. T L Tsim remarked, “The past 18 years saw the core values, such as democracy, freedom, human rights, integrity and a good system, that underpin the success of Hong Kong being undermined. The government is not trusted by its people; the promise of “One country, Two systems”, “High degree of Autonomy” and “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” has been repeatedly shaken by the reinterpretations by those ruling Hong Kong. As Hong Kong citizens, especially the younger generation, we must act now to safeguard the freedoms and Hong Kong’s way of life we have been enjoying.”

“It is good to see many young people coming forward, setting up or taking part in different civil society organisations. The government and policy-makers should listen to the voices of young people. Nevertheless, we also see our society being divided by extreme stances and the lack of tolerance and exchange of different opinions. Against this backdrop, Project Citizens Foundation aims to

provide an interactive platform for young people to share different perspectives and views regarding social issues and thus to broaden their horizon. The Foundation also has a mission to help young people nurture their critical thinking and leadership skills through activities. Our ultimate goal is to deepen civic education and to inspire active civic participation”, said Mr. Tsim.

Mrs. Anson Chan said that the future of Hong Kong belongs to the young generation and hoped they would stand up to defend Hong Kong’s core values. The Foundation’s slogan - “A Life Worth Living: Help Shape Hong Kong's Future” articulates that young people should hold onto their beliefs and never compromise their principles and values, in order to lead a life worth living. “Active citizenship and civic participation is not necessarily equivalent to political participation; young people can fulfil active citizenship no matter what kind of job or position they are in. We would like to make it clear that the Foundation positions itself as a platform dedicated to strengthening the civil society, and not a political party or political organisation.

Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong, Vice-chairman of the Foundation, shared that a series of activities would be rolled out in the near future. As all the important elections are coming up this year and the next, the Foundation will organise an election campaign workshop in late August to early September. Another forum which discusses one of our core values is being planned for December. The activities are designed to enhance young people’s civic awareness and sense of civic engagement through discussion and participation.

For updates, please visit the Foundation’s website: http://www.projectcitizens.hk/en, and its Facebook page:www.facebook.com/projectcitizens 

Project Citizens Forum - Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies

The press conference was followed by the first forum which took place at the Moot Court of The University of Hong Kong. Nine veteran journalists, guest speakers discussed the topic of "Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies" from different perspectives, analysed the challenges and crises confronting the media industry, and how the journalists can maintain their role and integrity. The forum was attended by more than 300 people.

Among the speakers were Ms. Sham Yee Lan, Chairperson of Hong Kong Journalists Association; Ms. Choy Yuk Ling, Chairperson of RTHK Programme Staff Union; Ms. Chan Sik Chee Eva, Senior Lecturer of the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mr. Chan King Cheung, a veteran journalist and former Deputy Publisher and President of Digital Media of The Hong Kong Economic Journal; Mr. Loh Chan, Chairman of Hong Kong News Executives' Association and CEO of DBC; Mr. Tony Tsoi, founder of The House News & The Stand News; Mr. Yau Ching Yuen, founder and Chief Editor of Post 852;. Mr. Kevin Lau, Chief Operating Officer of Medianet Resources and Mr. Neil Western, President of the Foreign Correspondents' Club.


To review the forum, please visit The Stand News’ webpage (https://thestandnews.com)

Download event photos:  https://goo.gl/40TiSP

Photo captions:

1.    The seven founding members of Project Citizens Foundation (Front row, from left to right): Mrs. Pauline Cheung Cheng, Mrs. Anson Chan, Ms. Carol Chen,  (Back row, from left to right) Dr. Edmund Woo, Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong (Vice-chairman) ,Mr. T L Tsim (Chairman) and Mr. Tony Tsoi. The logo of the Foundation consists of “P”,”C” and “F”; the bud represents the civic power in active growth while the circle signifies embracing different perspectives.


2.    Project Citizens Foundation hosted the first of a series of events named Project Citizens Forum,“Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies”, at the Moot Court, The University of Hong Kong. Nine guest speakers, including Ms. Sham Yee Lan, Ms. Choy Yuk Ling, Ms. Eva Chan, Mr. Chan King Cheung, Mr. Loh Chan, Mr. Tony Tsoi, Mr. Yau Ching Yuen, Mr. Kevin Lau and Mr. Neil Western, participated in the Q&A session after their presentation.